Touring Selected Space and Negotiating the Lease

What are some things that tenants typically overlook when looking for new space that they should be paying attention to?
What are the best practices to selecting the best space?
Why are the upper floors more expensive?
How many SF do I need per person and what kind of space should I plan for?
How much per SF should I plan for regarding tenant improvement costs?


What are the best practices for negotiating my lease?
What are the hidden costs in a lease?
What's the best way to compare offers?
When is the best time to move in?
Do you help with renewals?


What does turnkey mean?
What does core and shell mean?
What is price per SF vs. overall price?
What is all-in cost?
What is a common area factor (CAF)?
What is usable SF vs. rentable SF?
What does full service, modified gross, and triple net mean?
What does whitebox mean?