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Namasté Solar

Namasté Solar, a Colorado-based solar electric company, had outgrown both their Boulder and Denver locations and were seeking new office and warehouse space for lease. Namasté had unique needs for their space. With company values focused on reducing environmental footprints, being engaged in the community, and fostering a collaborative, harmonious team environment –Namasté needed a flexible space, an open floor plan to foster collaboration and creative flow, as well as room to grow in a community they could truly call home.

The Denver Location:
Namasté’s desire to be engaged with the community meant they needed a central Denver location with a high population density and opportunities to give back to the community. Additionally, ease of access to I-25 and I-70 was a must for Namasté’s delivery trucks. With these needs in mind, and an extensive search of over 25 locations, we toured a building on Federal Boulevard, right on the edge of the Sun Valley EcoDistrict. Sun Valley recently received a $30 million-dollar federal grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for neighborhood restoration, with some of that being focused on retail revitalization and renewable energy. Moving into this location would provide Namasté the community involvement they needed – bringing additional jobs to the area, volunteer opportunities, and the ability to participate in the community’s revitalization. Initially, Namasté wanted to lease, but after assessing their all-in cost with renovations, we suggested they consider purchasing instead. We were able to coordinate a discussion between the building owner and Namasté where they found their core philosophies and vision for the building aligned, and the landlord agreed to sell instead of lease. Finding the ideal office space for sale, Namasté’s Denver location now has approximately 25,000 SF to customize and grow into for years to come!

The Boulder Location:
Namasté, having started to Boulder, wanted to keep their roots firmly planted in the community. This location had similar requirements – visibility, ease of access to major roadways, continued community involvement, and ample parking. After viewing nearly 20 locations, we were able to find a unique location perfect for Namasté. A 31,000 SF industrial building, renovated into office spaces, with a loading dock on the back to meet their warehouse needs. Complete with ample community spaces and even a covered bike rack, easy access to bike paths, showers, and gym space, this building provided a healthy work environment and easy commute options which align with Namasté’s core philosophies.